on a long way

Despite defecation being crucial to everyone, public restrooms on the ‘Autobahn’ are horrible places (...)


What can we do to not see the human animal relationship in a predetory way? (...)


We surround ourselves with screens, approaching what is displayed as an equivalent to reality (...)

the taste of space

Do we also 'taste' the spaces we are in? And if so, how does the taste of space look like? (...)

the control tower for worldexpos

No expensive, empty pavilions, no expo which only reaches people close by…An expo which is everywhere and which reaches everyone is created (...)

stadtbibliothek ludwigshafen

The public library in Ludwigshafen - which was planned by Karl Locher in 1963 - and finally reopened with a complete restoration(...)


A name combining the German word for 'wine' and 'unity'. The wine as the link between shop, restaurant, private dining and presentation areas (...)


Through the thoughtless folding of a paper scrap (...)

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