black forest pharmacy

concept development, interior architecture, spatial visualisations




Lenzkirch (Germany)


70 m²

in collaboration with

Sabine Kühn, allaboutspace


Schwarzwald Apotheke Lenzkirch


Ganter Constructions & Interiors GmbH


Jessica Alice Hath

The Black Forest and the spatial typology of pharmacies both have a long history aligned with nature and mysticism. As the pharmacy is a traditional business located in the very heart of the Black Forest, aspects of both are combined within the space.

The use of local materials from the Black Forest and materials traditionally used in pharmacies, can be spotted within the space.

Traditionally central to a pharmacy is the aspect of consultation, therefore the huge desk in the middle is the centre piece.

A mural covering the central wall speaks for the mystic aura of the pharmacist craft and the Black Forest, surrounding it. Both unified in the aura of mysticism and nature.