samira isabelle

is an interior architect, designer

and overall creative person

Samira Isabelle is an interior architect and designer, currently based in Stuttgart, Germany.
After acquiring her Abitur in 2009 she went to Washington D.C, USA to work and attended classes
in Art and Interior Design at the Montgomery College in Silver Spring, Maryland.
Inspired by her experiences, she studied Interior Architecture at the University of Applied Science in Trier, Germany and graduated in 2015. Further she did an exchange semester at the National Taipei University of Technology in Taiwan in 2013.

In 2017 she graduated from her Master in Interior Architecture, Research + Design at the Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.
Samira has working experience in the fields of interior architecture, retail design, exhibition design and hospitality design. 
Further she has a passion for teaching and is working as a teaching assistant at various universities.

Her work is always driven by her passion for architecture, art and design and her aim to fulfill the needs of the user. She wants to create designs for humans, as for her design exists for people that have needs beyond physical necessities. She argues spacial design should reflect individuals and the greater society alike in user adapted atmospheres and experiences, linking 

functionality and authenticity with visual aesthetics.

Her passion and motivation always pushes her to explore new fields and seeking 

ever-new challenges for herself and reflect on the status quo.
Samira’s designs are always founded in a deep theoretical research, which critically questions or comments the given and 

combine theoretical knowledge with practical application in very detailed design proposals considering various scales.