studio samira isabelle

is offering the following services...

You are longing for distinict solutions for your spaces?

You are looking for a design support who does not work according to a predetermined scheme, but who creatively and substantively responds to your individual needs and wishes based on scientific knowledge? Do you value spaces with an effect created by light and sound? Do you wish for spaces where you can experience your brand identity and brand values first-hand?

I am Samira, an interior architect, and this kind of task suits me 100%! With great passion for my work, I dedicate myself to every project with diligence and attention to detail, so that the best results can be achieved. The core areas of my work are:

* Retail Design

* Hospitality Design

* Office Design

* Residential Design

My services  include...


We get to know each other and talk about your project, your needs, as well as initial ideas and visions. Together, we define the goals of the project, which form the foundation for our collaboration. Then I dive straight into the project and do a thorough theoretical research, in which I look into the themes of your specific project and examine all aspects.

* Basic Evaluation

* Theoretical Research

* Consultation


Based on the analysis, I will create a holistic interior design concept that fits you and your project and serves as a guideline for the spatial design. The concept will be presented to you in writing, as well as in the form of mood boards and initial 3D sketches.

Of course, I will always create different options from which you can choose!

* Concept Design

* Mood Boards

* 3D Sketches


The concept is ready? Fabulous! Then the concept will be translated into its spatial form. First of all, I create floorplans in which the optimal layout of the space is tested, so that everything finds its place. Then the design is built within a digital 3D model and materials and textures are set. Furthermore, suitable loose furniture, lighting and other products will be selected. Also, I always work out different options from which you can choose.
The whole design will be presented to you, including the first cost estimate. Do you have any requests for changes? I am happy to incorporate them into the design! Following you will receive an extensive planning of your project.

* Floorplans

* 3D Model

* Product Selection

* Cost Estimate

* Creation of an extensive Planning


Once the design is finished, it will be passed on to a partner

company from my network for further execution. This will happen

in the form of a structured handover appointment. I am happy to advise you on who would fit best with your project so that reliable communication channels and well-tried collaborations ensure a smooth process. During the construction process, I am available for advice and I support cleverly and individually where I can!

* Consultation in Execution

* Handover to Partner

* Monitoring until Project End

You only need selective support? No Problem!

I am happy to provide individual services tailored to your project and needs. Examples of these services could be:

* Design Consultancy

* Floorplans

* Furniture Design

* Shop-in-Shop Design

* 3D Architectural Renderings

* Architectural Illustrations

* or, or ... you name it!

You would like to request a collaboration? Awesome!

It is best if you write me an email with the initial

information about you and your project to:

Within 24 hours I will reply with a suggested date and time

for our first meeting or telephone call.

How will our collaboration proceed?

Contact Initiation

Contact me by email

so that we can find a

suitable time to meet

and get to know each


Creating an Offer

If I can support you in your project and if we

match, I will create a

tailored offer based on

your individual needs.


Once you have approved

the offer, our collaboration

begins and I will dive

right into the work on

your project.


No matter whether we only

collaborate selectively,

for example for a furniture design, or wheather we do

an entire project together -

we celebrate the outcome!

I hope to talk soon!